Into The Weird: A Marvel Bronze Age Comic Book Podcast

Into The Weird Ep. 22: Blasphemy in the Bullpen

November 29, 2020

Billy and Herman tackle the ULTIMATE Doctor Strange story in this episode. Listen and bear witness to the birth of a universe and the coming of Sise-Neg! Marvel at Stephen's epic sorcerous slugfest against his old foe Baron Mordo. Travel to exotic Sodom and Gomorrah! Watch Shuma-Gorath manhandle an ape man. All this and more in this episode of INTO THE WEIRD.


Please send feedback to, or check out the blog for our podcast addendum post featuring select panels discussed in this week's show. Alternatively you can reach Billy @billyD_licious on twitter and Herman @darklongbox.


Stay weird, Strangelings!


Intro music "In The Walls" provided by the great band Seven Kingdoms. Outro "Strange Magic" by ELO. 

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