Into The Weird: A Marvel Bronze Age Comic Book Podcast

Into The Weird Ep.16: Terracide!

February 27, 2020

Hey there folks!

Billy and Herman are back with another episode of INTO THE WEIRD, the podcast that breaks the barriers of the bizarre and wades gleefully into the depths of insanity. This time around we're discussing Marvel Premiere #9 (1973) where Stephen fights for the life of the Ancient One! This one's a corker, to be sure.

Our regular segments all make a return. Look out for:

1. Shoptalk!

2. The Recommendations of Raggador

3. The Allies of Agamotto

as well as our Special Bronze Age Alter Ego presentation, where we give listener and podcaster Paul Hix his due to thank him for his 5 star iTunes review. 

Feedback can be sent to Follow Billy @BillyD_licious and Herman @darklongbox, or the show @IntoWeird on Twitter. Also, check out the Podcast Addendum Post at


And that's all, caballeros! Enjoy this journey with us... INTO THE WEIRD.



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