Into The Weird: A Marvel Bronze Age Comic Book Podcast

Into The Weird Ep. 2 - A Thing That Definitely Happened

June 26, 2018

In this episode Grant and Herman wrap up the silver age adventures of Doctor Stephen Strange, heralding the BRONZE AGE OF WEIRD. Highlights include the introduction of The Sons of Satannish and The Nameless One, which lead us unwittingly into some decidedly Lovecraftian territory. We also (briefly) look at Marvel's new Doctor Strange #1 from Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz. Follow us on twitter @IAmGrantRichter and @darklongbox, send us an email to, or check out the blog: Positive iTunes reviews are always welcome! (For you negative nellys, may the Flames of The Faltine sear your souls, and may Shuma-Gorath feast upon your sweetmeats) Intro music 'In The Walls' by Seven Kingdoms